Alright, so...
It may seem like we died, as it's been a whole month without any news, and we did set the deadline for 4.0 to be 11/11, but we are all schoolkids. More importantly, it's term 4. All of our big exams happen this term, and we kinda took a break in order to study.

However, it didn't grind to a halt.
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ANZAC Cove -- 3.0


In Version 3.0, we have:

• A new gun model,
• A shooting mechanic with sound effect
• Updated version of the map
• New hitboxes for the player.
• And a death screen and respawn function.

There are a few known bugs:

• Once the player has respawned, the line representing the bullet no longer appears from the gun, it appears from the characters head.
• Sometimes when respawing your health is still set to 0
• Jumping into parts of the map that have not been finished still crashes the game.

In 3.0, we have fixed...
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ANZAC Cove -- 2.0


In Version 2.0, we added a working healthbar -- with fall damage -- and a hotkey for quiting the game: 'esc'.

There are a few known bugs:

• The quit hotkey does not work once the player has died
• Fall damage activates randomly
• Jumping into parts of the map that have not been finished crashes the game.

In 2.1, we have fixed...
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T-Pose Clicker -- 1.0


We are currently waiting on all of the Pixel Art assets to be finished by Sam. All of the base code has been added, and just needs some tweaking.
We are planning on launching it on Google Play for $0.99. At the moment there are no plans for adding advertisments, but this might change due...
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