ANZAC Cove - Gallipoli

DevBlog 3.0


In Version 3.0, we have:

• A new gun model,
• A shooting mechanic with sound effect
• Updated version of the map
• New hitboxes for the player.
• And a death screen and respawn function.

The new hitboxes that we added are these:

The Death screen looks like this:

Yes we know, it's a rip off of darksouls, it's just temporary

There are a few known bugs:

• Once the player has respawned, the line representing the bullet no longer appears from the gun, it appears from the characters head.
• Sometimes when respawing your health is still set to 0
• Jumping into parts of the map that have not been finished still crashes the game.

In 3.0, we attempted to make a working AI, but after the Head Programmer tearing his hair out, we decided that we would just release what we had, and keep the AI for the next update...

ALPHA 1.0!

In Alpha 1.0, you can expect:

• A basic AI with pathfinding, if we have enough time we will add shooting,
• Footsteps, ambient noise, and possibly voice commands,
• A menu with settings for mouse sensitivity and such,

And what ever else we decide to throw in during development!

DevBlog 2.0


In Version 2.0, we added a working healthbar -- with fall damage -- and a hotkey for quiting the game: 'esc'.

There are a few known bugs:

• The quit hotkey does not work once the player has died
• Fall damage activates randomly
• Jumping into parts of the map that have not been finished crashes the game.

In 2.1, we have fixed both of these issues.
We did this by moving the hotkey script out of the player class, and into a separate one (kind of a nobrainer).
Also, we fixed the fall damage issue by tearing it apart, and rebuilding it from the ground up...

Instead of releasing 2.1, we are going to wait for the 3.0 update to take some stress off my Computer.
Having the number of tabs, windows, and application I have open, as well as constantly building Unity builds...
That ain't healthy, my friend

In 3.0 you can expect:

• A shooting mechanic,
• A hittable model, with:

• Working hitboxes
• Different damage for certain hitboxes

And much, much more planned for the future.