Alright, so...
It may seem like we died, as it's been a whole month without any news, and we did set the deadline for 4.0 to be 11/11, but we are all schoolkids. More importantly, it's term 4. All of our big exams happen this term, and we kinda took a break in order to study.

However, it didn't grind to a halt.
Over the break, I brought on Zev as our concept artist, and the first drawing of the Allied solider should be done soon.
What that means, is that Francois can take that into blender, and create the Allied model. The current place-holder model we have just doesn't look too historic, if you get me.
We plan on having multiple classes for the game, but for now it's gonna be one model per team, as it means less work for us, and less money we need to pay for the drawings

(We can't draw at all, so we definetly need Zev)

Hope you guys can forgive the wait, as we are going to pick development right back up after our exams are behind us.

Thanks for the support!
The Smilax Team.